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Welcome to Circle R Kennel's Web Site!  Here you will find some of my best squirrel dogs I have ever owned.  I have been hunting and training squirrel dogs for over 50 years.  I really enjoy hunting these breed of dogs.  Mountain Feist is the only breed that I have at my kennel.  I have sold these dogs for years.  They have been placed in many different states from Tennessee, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri just to name a few.  So far I have had no complaints from any buyer.  Most buyers return to my kennel to purchase more.  I sell puppies, started dogs, and finished dogs.  I was the owner and trainer of the world known Hy Style Cadillac Jack which I sold to Ed Bates back in September  of 1998.  In the last several years since I owned Jack, almost every dog here at this kennel has that same blood line. 

 This is a picture of Black Jack (AKA) Hy Style Cadillac Jack.  He was 4 years old in this picture.  This picture was taken the day that I sold him to Ed Bates.


I hope you enjoy my Web Site.  Please feel free to visit each page by clicking on the links on the left side on the screen.  Comments are welcome!  Don't forget to sign my guestbook, and if you are posting a question in the quest book please put your email address on the post so I can reply back to you to answer any questions you may have!

Riffe's Little Trixie

Riffe's Little Trixie is my 3 year old NKC Registered female.  Trixie is probably the best young dog I have ever hunted with.  She is out of Rocky and Skagg's Denny which is a daughter to Super Sport.  Trixie started treeing when she was just 7 months old.  I plan to raise pups from her sometime in the near future!!


I recommend for everyone to visit  It has alot of information on this line of dogs and their pedigree.

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